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Introduction to African Storytelling

Join world-renowned storyteller Usifu Jalloh (aka the Cowfoot Prince) in a journey through African storytelling. In this course, you will learn all about the roles of traditional African storytellers, songs and characters in African storytelling as well as the importance of storytelling in African society and culture.
  • Usifu Jalloh

    storyteller and performer
  • 1 hour 25 minutes

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  • 12-20 hours

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  • 1 Workbook

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Meet the instructor

Usifu Jalloh

Usifu Jalloh—the Cowfoot Prince—was born in Kamakwie in the northern province of Sierra Leone and is of the Limba and Fula heritage. Both peoples’ are renowned for their rich oral storytelling tradition. He has been a storyteller for the past twenty-five years. 

Growing up, Usifu would spend most evenings listening to stories being told by his grandmother, Mammy Foyre, and his uncles, Joseph and Soriba Yamahunkate Bangura. Framed by a night sky full of billions of stars and enjoying an evening meal of roast corn and boiled groundnuts, he would listen attentively to his family’s stories while the storytelling spark grew inside of him until it was a fire that could be contained no longer. 

The stories of his uncle Joseph and uncle Soriba were particularly impactful. Uncle Joseph would tell funny stories about Woosi the Spider, whereas uncle Soriba would tell stories of spirits and adventures. Despite their different storytelling styles, both inspired Usifu’s own journey into storytelling.
Patrick Jones - Course author

About the course

Africa has one of the oldest oral storytelling traditions in the world. As the cradle of humankind, it’s not surprising that this rich tradition has survived through the millennia and is still an integral part of people’s lives throughout West Africa and the continent as a whole. Through various entertaining and educational videos, alongside an expertly crafted workbook, you will learn the history of African storytelling, how to apply African storytelling techniques in modern storytelling and how you can use techniques in African storytelling to embrace your own cultural identity.

Course Lessons

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