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Storytelling for Parents

Join experienced storyteller Dominic Kelly as he explores the magical world of stories, their history and the importance and techniques to use when co-telling and co-creating stories with children. 
  • Dominic Kelly

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Meet the instructor

Dominic Kelly

Dominic is a traditional storyteller, still in love with it after many years who caught the storytelling bug as a child. He grew up amongst the fells of England’s Lake District, where he’d soak up old stories and tales from people and books; then, out amongst the rocks, bracken, mist and rain of the hillsides he’d re-imagine the tales and stories and populate the wild, rocky hillsides with creatures, characters and the wonder of story. Dominic’s also a parent, who’s spent many a night lying on the floor in the children’s bedrooms telling stories while they settled before falling asleep. It was one of his first experiences of telling stories aloud, where the story seemed to take on a life of its own and fill the room, when time was suspended – a magical time.

Dominic’s warm, witty and powerful storytelling style has captivated audiences around the world. In the UK he has performed at venues including the Barbican, National Theatre, British Museum, and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival; and in theatres, festivals and schools in 16 countries from India to the Arctic Circle. He works as a director of storytelling performances, including for Norway’s national Riksscenen, and is a guest lecturer in storytelling at Sweden’s Royal College of Music.

He has trained theatre professionals in storytelling approaches on three continents, as well as hundreds of professionals in the fields of education, heritage and conservation. Dominic has helped thousands of young people find their narrative voice through workshops and arts-in-education projects, working particularly in areas of high social deprivation.
Patrick Jones - Course author

About the course

Making time for family is important. In our increasingly busy, business-orientated world, finding time for our children has never been more difficult. This course hopes to take one of the core experiences of being a parent - telling stories to and with your children. This course will teach you techniques for creating stories appropriate for children and how to collaborate with your children to provide a unique storytelling experience. 

You will learn story-skeletons and maps, games of improvisation and confidence and the skill of adapting stories for older children.  This course will enable a parent to develop their own confidence and skills in storytelling for and with their children, as well as providing a toolkit of ideas and resources that can be dipped into to support children develop their skills in this wonderful craft.

Course Lessons

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