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Storytelling through Song

This course will strive to teach you the skills you need to create an excellent story song. Whether you are writing for pleasure or to kick-start your career as a songwriter, Reg Meuross breaks down the basics of songwriting in this easy-to-follow, informative course.
  • Reg Meuross

    musician, songwriter, storyteller
  • 2 hours 5 minutes

    Video duration
  • 12-20 hours

    Estimated course duration
  • 1 Workbook

  • Completion Certifcate

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Meet the instructor

Reg Meuross

Reg Meuross is a singer and songwriter currently living in Somerset. Reg’s career began in the 1980s when he formed the Panic Brothers with comedian Richard Morton before forming the Flamingoes in 1991. With a background in pop music, Reg describes himself as a folk singer in the living tradition. He has been influenced by American singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Joni Mitchell. 

Having written fourteen albums since the beginning of his solo career, his songs range from expressions of complex emotions, exploring and rethinking historical events as well as protest songs and political commentary. In 2019, Reg was awarded Soloist of the Year and his previous achievements include being voted Best Vocalist of 2013 by Fatea Magazine and being awarded Best Album of 2014 by FolkWords. His song Faraway People was awarded Song of the Year 2017 by Fatea Magazine.
Patrick Jones - Course author

About the course

In this easy-to-follow, imaginative course, singer-songwriter Reg Meuross guides us through the process of songwriting in four easy modules. From gaining inspiration, techniques to help you focus your song, experimenting with musical rhythm and cadence and, finally, writing your very own song for the first time—our expert musician will teach you methods for songwriting that can be applied across a variety of genres and crafts. 

Course Lessons

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