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The Writer's Way

In this course, writer and poet Pete Armstrong harnesses the power of meditation, inner work and mindfulness into several useful exercises to strengthen the writing of any would-be writer.
  • Pete Armstrong

    writer and poet
  • 1 hour 38 minutes

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  • 12-20 hours

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  • 1 Workbook

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Meet the instructor

Pete Armstrong

Pete Armstrong is a student of the inner life, a writer and a poet. When he studied English literature he was always interested in the questions that were not taught, such as the 'hows' – how do writers create and shape their pieces of writing, and how do they lead lives that support their vocation?

In pursuit of answers he has followed what Buddhists have called ‘the career of understanding’. This has led him to experience and explore the territories of psychotherapy, Buddhism, Quakerism and mystic Christianity, amongst others.

In this course you can benefit from the results of his explorations and learning.

In particular, he has experimented with, and studied in detail, the processes by which we can utilise meditation and inner work to better access our creative well-spring, and shape those experiences into pieces of writing. Utilising this awareness, he expertly guides participants through his workshops, retreats and writing courses. Pete has published several books of poems, two (inner) travel books, and a ‘how to’ book: How to write poems from a deeper place.
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